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CRA began operations in 1978 with the GT 1/2 Fairing as our sole product. Today we offer hundreds of standard, cafe', and race parts for vintage Norton Commando & Featherbed models and Triumph twins. We are an Andover Norton factory parts distributor and import/stock equipment from Andy Molnar, RGM Motors, D. Middleton and numerous other quality suppliers. We are located in Milford, CT and although primarily a mail order business, customers are welcome to visit but must do so by appointment.

This site is an ongoing project and not all of our inventory may be listed. If you are looking for parts for 1960-75 Nortons & Triumphs that you do not see listed Email us your needs and we will reply as to availability through us or, if known, another source if we can not get them at a competitive price. We do have periods of being inundated with request, and spam, resulting in slow replies but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

After nearly four decades of running Clubman Racing, and for the last 25 years simultaneously running a training company from April through October, the time has come to get several long-term projects completed, spend more time with old friends and in other activities. Until we find someone with the knowledge and finances to take over the operation (interested? call), CRA will operate four days a week with the occasional week's shut down.

Good riding,
Frank Cornwall

Lucas Electrical Parts

Current Lucas parts are made under license to the original drawings. We also have a small number of original parts which are listed as NOS


Limited Quantities

EMGO Roadster Gas Tank $349.00 add a Ceandess Cap for $55.00 - RGM Pivoting Kickstart
Lever $190 -  Andover Norton Exhaust Pipes for 1968 to 70 models $215, "S"  $229 & "SS" $210 -
PW3 Commando Camshafts $279.00 - Lucas Handlebar Repair Kits $19.60 a set (R & L)
Brand New  -  Andover Norton 13MM "850 Pattern" Complete Master Cylinder $315.00


Triumph Stainless Closeout

While they last, all remaining Stainless Steel Parts for Triumphs to be sold at 25% off retail. Supplies are very limited.

Check out the always great prices on our

Wassell 9 Series Carburetors - these are a less expensive, direct replacement for the O.E.M. 900 series
carburetors fitted as standard equipment to most British motorcycles post 1966. Electronic Ignition Kits,
Atlas/Dommie Magneto Replacement Ignition System, EMGO Headlight Shells, M4070 - 78 Megaphone
Silencers, Alton Electric Starter Kits, Norton Factory Parts plus Atlas, Dommie & Commando Belt Drives.

Andover Norton 750 Through-Bolt Cylinder Barrels

Available in both std. and +.020 over sizes these 850 style barrels provide a cleaner look to the engine and more importantly eliminate the flange breakage of the original design that was know to occur on heavily modified engines.
See 06-1750 on the Factory Parts Page PFD for current prices.

32MM Amal MK2 R & L Carb Set

MK2 carbs have been unavailable but we now have one new set at $475.00
Set is supplied with #3 Slides, #25 Pilot Jet, #106 Needle Jet and #240 Main Jets

New Products

Electronic Green Globe Tachometer - $234.50
Electronic Green Globe Speedometer + Sender Unit - 255.50
Improved Comm. Style 2LS Brake Plate w/Stainless Linkage - $495.00
T140 Billet Aluminum Instrument Bracket with Fork Top Nuts - $129.00
Concentric Carburetors from $119 - Fuel Delivery / Carbs and Kits page
Featherbed " Wideline/Manx " Pattern Swingarm (less bushings) - $389.00
Vernier Adjustable Front Isolastic Kit to Fit Comm. pre-MK3 Standard Engine Mount - $110.00
1965-1970 Triumph 650 Aluminum Engine Plates for T504 Rearsets - See Cafe Parts/Triumph - Pre OIF
Aluminum Engine Plates to Fit Atlas, Commando or 650 Unit Triumph into Slimline Frame - From $199.00

Aluminum Racing/Cafe Yoke CNC Sets - 750 Commando or Featherbed
Limited Qnty. @ $389.00
(See Front End - Norton Forks page)

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